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3 Reasons to consider Off-site Storage for Apartment Living

By November 23, 2020 No Comments

1. Free up some space in your apartment

This seems to be the obvious reason to rent off-site storage when you are living in an apartment. If you do this then we recommend you pick a vendor that is close to your home, within 1-3 miles. I’ve seen some customers come to their unit weekly. I think that’s smart! They arrange their unit with shelving and organize it for easy access. Some folks also need a place to store an extra vehicle as well.

2. Preserve your belonging in the right environment

f you want your stuff to last, then store belongings professionally and at the right temperature. The Texas heat can do damage on your electronics/TV/Computers, leather furniture, wood/antique furniture, artwork, photos, keepsakes, and holiday décor. These are the types of items that need climate-controlled storage. If you have boxes of paper, garage/car parts, lawn equipment then Non-climate will be perfect for you.

3. Unexpected reasons

For instance, you have a washer/dryer, but your new apartment already provides a set in your unit. The apartment won’t allow you to put patio furniture or bikes on the balcony, or you have a broken-down car that can’t be parked on the property – all kinds of reasons. Instead of selling it, you can store it until your next move.

What to expect

Storage Units are rented month to month. No long-term agreements. Generally, there is a one-time administrative fee ($25 is standard), Insurance Fees start around $8 a month for $1,000 coverage, and you’ll need to purchase a lock for your unit. There are 2 standard types of units: Climate Controlled (A/C & Heat) and Non-Climate Controlled (gets up to 140-150 degrees in the unit). Units range from 5’x5’ to as large 24’x40’. Here in Sugar Land, TX a non-climate 10’x10’ unit runs for less than $100, the same unit in Climate controlled starts around $110 per month. Rates change, so ALWAYS call for the latest rate. If you go to one of the big storage places, there will be multiple floors – which means multiple trips down long hallways, packing an elevator or carrying belongings up flights of stairs. Careful… make sure you ask what floor it’s on, the cheaper units are the hardest to get to. Also, make sure you pay your rent. They have late fees, and if you abandoned or stop paying on your unit – the storage vendor has the right to auction your unit to recover their lost revenue.

Consider storing with Imperial Storage Solutions

We are less than 2 miles from your apartment, and all our units are on the ground floor. Our property is well lit, secure, and family owned. In fact, the owners are on the property every day. UHaul rentals are always available and we have covered parking if you need to store a vehicle.

If you’re not sure what size unit you need, we can help find the best one to fit your budget. Our staff is well trained, friendly and dependable.

Also available is Mail/Package delivery services.