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Laura Fisher, Co-Founder of Imperial Storage Solutions and host of Small Business Insights announces an exclusive interview with the business pioneer, Joe Shoen, President, Chairman, and CEO of U-Haul’s parent company, AMERCO.

Sugar Land, Texas, July 20, 2022: As a small business owner, Laura Fisher from Small Business Insights is on a mission to interview business owners from different industries to learn and share their success stories. Today, she has come across a true celebrity in the rentals industry; Joe Shoen, a businessman who has successfully disrupted the rentals industry, helping to cement U-Haul as an iconic brand that continues to expand after 77 years.

U-Haul is about helping all small businesses succeed and has built its authorized dealer network on that premise.  Tens of thousands of authorized dealers have grown their business as a result of their relationship with U-Haul, and Laura Fisher discussed this very concept with Mr. Shoen himself.

Joe Shoen joined U-Haul in 1973 and in the past 49 years works tirelessly in every sector of the U-Haul enterprise is truly what makes the rental company the leader in its industry nationwide. It’s only fair to mention how the remarkable journey of U-Haul has been putting over 186,000 trucks and over 128,000 trailers on North American roadways right now and more than 21,000 local dealers serving as rental locations (in addition to more than 2,000 U-Haul-owned and operated stores).   Mr. Shoen has put a comprehensive plan to attract more and more of these small businesses, making over 3k new partners each year since 2012.

The U-Haul Business Empire is very well positioned and is anticipated to grow more in decades to come amid the high demand for the services and network that U-Haul has provided the country.

Today, Joe Shoen still makes visits to many U-Haul locations, works around the clock, and takes calls from customers directly.  Mr. Shoen believes “service comes before profit, you’ve got to serve the customer if you expect profit.  You can’t tell the customer you need profit today – they want SERVICE.”

The remarkable part of someone like Joe Shoen, is his ability to personally address complaints and other issues from any customer.  In fact, to this day, you can call or email Joe Shoen directly.   After all, Joe mentions, “people just want to be treated decently and fairly, get value for their money.   Most people who have a problem don’t want to complain, they just want it solved.” And it is this motto that continues to put U-Haul and its subsidiaries on the map.

U-Haul with Joe Shoen’s guidance has successfully launched U-Haul University, with 65,000 learners online.  This program provides general business courses, which are available to those affiliated with U-Haul.  The access to a learning tool like U-Haul University has provided endless opportunities to thousands of business owners.  Joe Shoen mentions that “a motivated adult can learn just about anything, and if it has to do with their livelihood, they tend to be good learners.”

U-Haul has disrupted and forever changed the rental industry, a big contribution from its leader, Joe Shoen.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Breaking New Ground…

Storage Facility initiates

construction for new Business Park.

Imperial Storage Solutions (formerly Voss Road Storage), a full-service storage and moving company based out of Sugar Land, Texas at the intersection of Highway 6 and Voss Road are pleased to announce groundbreaking news.

This phase one storage facility expansion begins January 2019; featuring 58,250 square feet of green solar-powered buildings including 3 new buildings and upgraded covered/uncovered parking on a state-of-the-art Tru-Grid driveway surface for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, RVs, and boats and small document storage & valet storage building.

The move marks the next step in the company’s strategy to expand its operations on a 9-acre space and continue to offer a one-stop solution for Ft. Bend County businesses and residents in the recently named; Imperial Business Park.

The overall expansion includes 381,250 square feet of additional net rentable square footage space featuring climate-controlled units, (44) Class-A executive office spaces with three conference rooms and collaborative workspace, along with (14) 600 ft office/warehouse units and expanded parking spaces for vehicles from trailers to big rigs.

The expansion also highlights cold/frozen storage unit with natural gas backup generator capabilities.   The second phase is scheduled to completed 12-24 months after completion of Phase 1 which will include two additional buildings designed as multi-story climate only storage, additional executive office space on the upper floors and office/warehouse space on the lower levels totaling 171,000 square feet net rentable space.

A third and final phase is said to include a document & household goods valet storage warehouse and another expanded refrigerator/freezer storage situated on one acre within the property for additional customer storage needs.  The first expansion phase is scheduled to be completed by January 2020.  In addition, Imperial Storage Solutions has long-term plans to expand to a second location in Katy, Texas.