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Easy Summer Cleaning with Sugar Land Storage Units

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Voss Road Storage and U-Haul: Easy Summer Cleaning with Sugar Land Storage Units

While we’re in the middle of the summer season, Sugar Land storage units can be a big help when it comes to summer cleaning. Self storage comes with a great deal of benefits; especially when you’re planning on giving your property a deep cleaning. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, taking time during the dog days of summer to give your property a thorough cleaning is something you’ll thank yourself for doing when the weather isn’t all clear skies and sunshine.

With Sugar Land storage units from Voss Road Storage and U-Haul, you can easily store furniture and other furnishing from your home or office while you clean. Voss Road Storage and U-Haul has a wide variety of different sized storage units that can easily accommodate any of your storage needs. With cleaning, like most things, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. So you’ll want to shampoo rugs, buff hardwood floors, scrub tile floors, dust walls, and basically get all of your large items out of the way to do so.

We make moving easy as well by offering moving labor and moving supplies at reasonable prices. And, if parking’s an issue for you, we also offer parking for vehicles, RVs, trucks, and trailers that can help facilitate any move you’re making or if you simply need a secure place to store your vehicle.

We Have Plenty of Room for You

As you can see, our Sugar Land storage units offer much-needed space to anyone looking to do some serious summer cleaning. With enough room for any furniture, furnishings, or other belongings that you don’t want in the way of your cleaning, our storage units are perfect.

You’re going to want a clean palette to begin your summer cleaning with so simply move all of your large pieces of furniture into one of our storage units and you’ll see that the seemingly daunting task of summer cleaning isn’t as hard as you thought it’d be. The summer time also means a smaller work load for many home maintenance companies, so take advantage of carpet cleaners, furnace inspectors, pest eliminators, hardwood floor refinishing companies, and even overall cleaning companies if need be. With all your large belongings safely stored away in one of our storage units, summer cleaning can be a snap!

If you’re interested in Sugar Land storage, contact us at: 281-988-8677!

Five Ways to Use a Storage Unit

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Five Ways to

Use a Storage Property

Storage, which is actually shorthand for storage, serves as a place-holder for many people, allowing them to gain extra needed space at a time in their lives when decisions are being put on hold. Although there is some historical evidence of publicly available storage in ancient China, storage is primarily a modern phenomenon emerging in 1958 and booming by the late 1990s. Today, according to the Self Storage Association (SSA), there are approximately 48,500 storage places in the United States. These numbers not only indicate the demand for storage, but also point to the fact that many people at one time or another have had a need for storage.

Know What Your Storage Needs Are

Before renting a space in Sugar Land, Texas; or anywhere else, ask yourself a few defining questions. Do you need:

• Long or Temporary Storage?
• Big or Small Space?
• Climate Controlled Sensitivity?
• Access 24/7?
• Packing and Moving Assistance?
• Vehicle Storage?
• Fully Secure?

Know what your specific demands are for storage before you price check for rentals, and it’s recommended that you be prepared to shop around with a checklist of requirements.

Five Ways

The possibilities for storage spaces are endless, and as individual as the people renting them. One of the advantages of renting storage space is just that, it’s what you make of it, and it can serve any need for which you choose, as seen in the following five examples.

SCHOOLS: Rent a storage room to house excess furniture or equipment worth saving, or for materials from school fundraisers that can be used again, or items that you are saving for future fundraising drives. A storage space is particularly helpful to school parent organizations.

INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEURS: While you start up a new business, increase your space without costly investment in an office or warehouse.

CHURCH GROUPS: A storage space is a cost-effective way to store folding chairs and tables, signs, serving equipment, desks, portable stages, and other materials used for community events, without a capital investment in expanding parish buildings.

STUDENTS: Whether you’re storing items from a dorm room while you’re at college, or after you’ve graduated, renting storage space is the perfect temporary solution for your life that is in dynamic transition.

HEIRS: If you have inherited furniture and or memorabilia from loved ones, storage space is a practical choice. It allows you the time to thoughtfully decide whether to keep these sentimental items or divide them amongst the family.

Storage in Sugar Land, Texas

Voss Road Storage, a state of the art storage, is your local headquarters for storage and U-Haul moving and moving supplies. Voss Road is complete with drive-up and climate controlled rentals of every size, plus RV and Boat storage. Contact them today for solutions to all of your storage needs. Voss Road is always there to assist you with space and price points for every budget.