Storage Tips

Do you know some storage features?

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The first thing to keep in mind is that organization and good warehouse design are essential to perform the following duties:

  1. Receipt of goods. In this first step, you need to do a thorough analysis of the products received in the warehouse. Such as the dimensions and weight of the load units, the frequency of arrival of each material, and the number of goods received in each dispatch.  To receive, prepare and stock any merchandise, the warehouse must have one or more docks or drive-up access to the receiving area, and another area to prepare for receipt.
  2. Perform immediate quality control. The main objective is to verify that the packaging matches the content. It is useful that everything is accompanied by a shipping list detailing the characteristics of the product received, which will help certify the quantity and quality of the shipment, along with the packaging resistance.
  3. Monitor and maintain control of inventory in stock. Perform a product count and capture data within a central system. This process ensures that all defects are dealt with immediately.
  4. Proper storage for goods. It is important to have the proper machinery to house the goods and the staff who handle the machines, tools, or even can load adequate volumes.
  5. Prepare shipment to other destinations. Having space to prepare orders with shelves or in a free area of the warehouse is essential because handling the machinery is easier and faster. Either in the rack or on the floor, this work increases the efficiency of the staff and facilitates the activity.
  6. Send orders as soon as possible. Avoiding delays and interruptions in the distribution chains is critical. The speed of execution of shipments is due to the good organization of the warehouse.

This is a brief explanation of some of the storage features because there may be others that enrich the correct operation and the advantages of storing your goods or products in a storage facility to increase productivity, have more space, and grow your business.