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Make Room for Your Seasonal Clothes

By December 12, 2018 No Comments

Your Seasonal Clothes

Sometimes we tend to misjudge the amount of space we have in our homes or apartments when we’re shopping for clothes to add to our wardrobe. In the midst of an exhilarating shopping spree, one can become lost in the thrill of the proverbial shopping hunt and purchase items without thinking about how they’re going to make room for them. However, at Voss Rd Storage, we offer storage in Sugar Land that can make your quest for a larger wardrobe a far easier task to tackle.

And over shopping isn’t something we do intentionally. Sometimes it seems as if a myriad of clothing suddenly found its way into our homes and apartments without our knowledge and, the next thing we know, we’re navigating through a seemingly endless sea of garments and barging our way through jam-packed closets. A simple solution to this lack of space is by storing your seasonal clothes into storage in Sugar Land.

We offer various sized storage that can accommodate the space equal to a single room, an apartment or condo, a mid-sized home, and a large home in order to meet your unique storage needs. We even have climate controlled storage available if you feel that your clothes or any other items may need to be stored at a regulated temperature. We aren’t the premier storage facility in Sugar Land, TX for no good reason. Aside from the wide array of storage options we make available, the state of the art security system we implement, and the on-site management we provide, our main emphasis is on customer service.

How to Prepare Your Clothes for Storage

This is why we’re taking this opportunity to let you know how storing your winter clothes and accessories with us can have a dramatically beneficial effect on the amount of space you use in your home. With the summer season upon us, storage in Sugar Land has never been a more obvious choice to store your winter wear.

Before you store your winter clothes in one of our storage, it’s a good idea to wash them. This way, any dirt, pet dander, or other particulates won’t damage your clothes during the summer season. Also, instead of storing your clothes in cardboard boxes, using airtight plastic storage containers will help to ensure the integrity of your garments while also allowing you to see through the containers so that you can quickly know which articles of clothing are in your storage. To keep your winter wear from being squished or distorted, packing the heavier containers on the bottom of our storage is also a good rule of thumb.

Using our storage to store seasonal clothing and accessories is one of the best ways to optimize the space in your home or apartment. You’re simply not going to be wearing that Christmas sweater this July or any of those extra bathing suits in December, so let Voss Rd Storage safely and securely store your seasonal garments while you focus on having a great summer!