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Tips to Make Extra Space for Your Home This Summer

By | Storage Tips

One of the most liked seasons known as summer is almost here! The hot temperatures, the sun, and the time to spend with the family start next month. One of the goals this summer for many is making space, to better make use of the home when the kids are out of school, or just have space, a clean home.

Here are some tips to get some extra space for your home this summer:

  1. Re-arrange your furniture to find a good layout. If you move around your furniture, you might be able to find a good layout that has even more space than the last one you had, giving you more breathing space, and feeling less cluttered.
  2. Clean out things you don’t need anymore. Like the spring-cleaning approach, you and your family, could make some space and clean out closets and other rooms, and whatever you don’t need now, donate it, or store it away. Doing this will increase your space efficiency.
  3. Most garages contain many things that don’t get used often. Ever since the COVID-19 quarantine, we have had gym equipment, old clothes, unused toys, holiday decorations, pictures, or things used for another season. The garages have become some sort of self-storage space. Instead of keeping them there until the right time, or until more clutter builds up, you should get a dedicated self-storage space to free up rooms and have a clean home.  Remember, a clean home means a clean mind.  A clean mind means room for great ideas and great times.

Get some space, clean your clutter, and get a self-storage unit. You can use it to fit new things for the summer or just to make your house look clean and feel good. Come to Imperial Storage Solutions and get started.